What’s the best litter for your cat?

Most people select certain litter types for the following reasons…  “I like this brand because it smells good,” or “I like this brand because it clumps well,” or “I like this brand because it doesn’t track as much.”  These are all fine answers to the question what do YOU like about your cat’s litter.  But the question is, what kind of litter does YOUR CAT like?  And how would you know?  

If your cat is going outside of the litterbox, one of the first things to consider is the kind of litter your cat is using.  There are all sorts of different types of litters out there, made of different materials and having different grain sizes.  You can find litter made of natural, sustainable materials such as corn, wheat grass, pine, and coconut husks.  There are all sorts of clay litters with various scents, additives (or not), clumping ability, and texture.  Litter comes in grains, shreds, and pellets. 

Here are a few indicators that your cat likes her litter:

  • Your cat spends time before using the box digging around in the litter
  • Your cat buries her waste with litter
  • Your cat doesn’t shoot out of the litterbox, spending as little time as possible in it
  • Your cat doesn’t perch on the edge of the box, as if she doesn’t want to touch the litter

So what’s the answer – what is the best litter for your cat?  The one that she will use consistently.  Your cat likes what she likes.  And as long as she uses the litterbox on a regular basis, you are going to like it!